12 Ways to Improve Android UI design

12 ways to Improve Android UI (User Interface) Design

You may come across many theme updates notifications in your Android Smartphone. The themes available for Android Smartphones are not similar to every OEM unless a lot of changes taken place in its stock themes and improvements in Android UI design. In this article, we will discuss 12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

However, these types of modifications provide a completely new experience but its customization may not very easy.

You can change as many wallpapers, move the icons around the screen or install the third party launchers in non-rooted Smartphone.

But, the real changes in ui design can only appear in Rooted Smartphone where you can change the layout of the system App, color and position etc of the System icons.

By doing this, the user interface will appear more attractive and it will also categorize the additional features or more useful apps to different classes.

The changes and improvements in the system files allow the better customization of rooted Smartphone in which it is possible to update menu icons, boot animation, color scheme etc.


Let us talk about 12 ways to improve Android UI design:


1) Custom Launchers

The OEM defaults launchers are primarily shown the basic behavior and provide less option for additional tasks. For example, Techwiz in Samsung, Zen ui in HTC, Google now in Google etc provides limited Android ui design.


12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.


You may get Theme Support rarely or only in few Custom Launchers. Hence, if you want some fabulous customization and really want to give excellent UI design to your Android Smartphone then you should take help of some third party launchers in customization which will help in perfect user interface design in Android Smartphone.

Some of the third party launchers are given below, that are different in customization methods but provides similar Android ui design.


2) Customization in Non-Rooted Smartphone (Nova Prime)

Nova is a list of many Features and Customization. In its premium version, there is a huge number of customization are available with the help of which you can change or improve the following Customizations in your Android Smartphone:


12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

Image source 


  • Your Android Smartphone Home-screen behavior, App Driver, Docs and Folders
  • Change the Home screen grid or app and widgets from desktop menu
  • Resize the App icon and change the fonts.
  • Increase or decrease the Animation for Screening.
  • You can tweak in every transition through App and widget.
  • You can improve the layout of the driver app right from the grid background.
  • It also includes Add-ons for Gesture support and special Apps which is featured with Notification counts Badge display.


3) Arrow

This is a tool of Microsoft which becomes effective on your Smartphone Home-screen and creates an organized space and reduces the steps required for multiple tasks.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

 Image Source


“Recent Screen” is an attractive feature of this tool where all the apps, documents, photos that open, appear in a list view.

It pays attention to its set-up and provides you five Home Screens. In the beginning, it may not show many features but as soon as you get used to this tool, it will show more contents on the tab.

One more unique feature of this tool is the pull-up menu of the home screen which works as a control center for Apple.

Through reminder widget, you can add the tasks directly to Home screen and get related alerts.

If you constantly use winder list then the launcher will link all your tasks to it and provides rightful support. You would not see a lot of customization options but the launcher will keep doing its tasks silently.


4) Yahoo- Aviate

This will also organize your App like ‘Arrow’ and makes your App driver better. Instead, organizing your app in list form according to the letters, it will categorize them according to productivity, Social, Transport, Entertainment etc.


12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.


You can choose your favorite apps from the initial set up but you have to choose categorized classes from the next screen.

After completion of the set-up, you will get the 2 App drivers. One is according to “Categories” and the other is according to “Alphabets”.

The App that is already installed on the phone will automatically come in this categories.

This class also contains a drop down list which gives it further suggestions about the related apps which are directly linked to the play store.

Yahoo-Aviate also contains a ‘Smart Stream’ feature similar to Google Now which only take the advantage of your location and activity to provide your related contents. However, the launcher is not fully comfortable with your home-screen customization and its important feature is only “Categorization”.


5) Widgets

Widgets work fast together with making a better look to your home screen and work in the form of an immediate Access Window to your Apps. In Android Smartphone, the widgets are available for every app such as Weather updates, Music player, calendar etc.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

There are certain special apps present that are connected with available services in your Smartphone such as:

  • Battery Widget Reborn
  • Calendar Widget Month
  • Power Toggles
  • Zooper


6) Icon packs

Due to a large number of Apps installed in your Smartphone, there is a lot of rush on the home screen and drivers.  In this situation, Iconpacks is proved to be a boon for your Smartphone. It’s paid and free both versions are available.


12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.


You can start with its free version and can upgrade to its premium version once you get used to of this tool.

Keep remembering that, the icon-pack needs third party launchers. Launchers support depends on every icon-pack but you will get more comforts with popular launchers like Nova, Apex, and Aviate.

You can see many options by just putting ‘Iconpacks’ on the search bar of Play store. Some of these are:

  • Candycon
  • Data Icon Pack
  • Glim
  • Moonshine
  • Polycon


7) Customization in Rooted Phone (Theme Manager)

Now, you will know customization in Rooted Phone. If you have rooted the phone in which stock or custom ROM is installed then you have to install third party theme engine with the help of xposed.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

But with CyanogenMod (CM), you will get in-built theme Manager. CM ROM enlightens with high-level tweaking and provides a large amount of customization. The same will be seen with Paranoid, Resurvection Remix and Omni ROM etc like custom ROM.

After installing CM in your Smartphone, you can search theme pack icon wallpapers, Lock screen Wallpapers, Boot Animation and sound with the help of CM theme Manager.

But keep remember, you are finding the right and compatible version otherwise these will not run properly. For example, if you have installed CM 13 then you have to install CM 13 themes.


8) Arcus

This is another important App which is an asset replacement Manager and selects the important assets differently along with theme creation.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

This provides simplicity for various forms of similar themes according to the basis of users on a large scale.

Like, theme provider creates themes with more than single color or with various icon packs. Download this tool from Play store and also downloads the free or paid themes that internally supports the App.


9) Substratum

The Substratum has the name given to the layers Manager which is developing now. This will help in using the theme and converting the assets easily.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

This is more detailed than the Theme Engine CM version which is not compatible with this engine that’s why the users can use this New Theme Engine.


10) Xposed Framework

Until now, the method which is useful for CM users involves installation of Xposed modules in the presence of Stock OS.

This is a set of framework module that helps your system and system App in customization. This contains unlimited modules and you might require Gravity box and X blast like modules.


12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

This module is only for AOSP ROM’s or Vanilla ROM’s which will only get with few Smartphones of Nexus and Motorola.

If you have Custom ROM with any of the above sets then be secure with the use of these modules because these ROM’s already contains lots of customization and your phone may reach to its boot position when you try to overwrite it with these modules.

It is very easy to install exposed framework where you have to install Zip file, flash and xposed Apk. After installation, go to download tab and search the above module.

To complete installation: Download, Install then Reboot your phone and you will get related Apps after these operations.


11) Gravity Box

Its main objective is to increase the AOSP ROMs through customization which generally seen in custom ROMs. However, most of the module which includes Gravity Box, available differently in the Xposed but this App helps in getting all the things in one place.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

But before Installation, pay attention when downloading in correct bit rate (GB) because there are different modules available for different Android Versions.

If getting trouble, you can take help from /GMxda. The advantage of this is you do not have to reboot it every time once your module is installed and you can make a do by just ON/OFF tweak. This also contains a lot of options inside.


12) X Blast

In this module, you will find more tweaks for your system. This includes some settings which can overlaps GB (Bitrate) or other system tweaking tools, that is why make sure that you may not get confused with similar settings in different modules.


12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

12 Ways to Improve Android UI design.

X Blast also contains additional options related to the use of Hardware buttons. It contains Texts, Network tweak etc that are appeared in System icons.



These are 12 ways to Improve Android UI (User Interface) Design. With these ways, you can use lots of modules and Apps to change and tweak your Android UI design and make it better.



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