How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC? [Free or Paid]

How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC? [Free or Paid]

Earlier, some of the best Antivirus of your computer only tackles and stops the troubles coming from the Internet. But most often, this Antivirus slow down your system. In this Article, we will discuss How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC?

In such cases, when the Antivirus slows down your computer, it becomes important to identify the qualities and merits of the Antivirus and determine how much it would affect your system.

You all use the best Antivirus in your Laptop and PC expecting that it will make your system run smoothly and protect your PC from all types of Virus and Malware coming from the Internet.

However, people use both free and paid Antivirus according to its capacity and requirements, but sometimes even the guaranteed paid best Antivirus are not able to stand up to the expectation level of the users.

On the other hand, free best Antivirus did the work for you and are able to provide more protection for your PC or Laptop.


Let us discuss How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC

How does Antivirus Software work?

Antivirus is also a type of software or program that stops the unknown virus which dominates your computer system.

Firstly, the Antivirus checks anything unrelated to the list of files (Also called valid and well known ‘Signature’) and other programs and processes.


How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC

How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC


You must know that every valid software contains a registered signature, a special code through which it is identified.

But, nowadays the Malware becomes more rigid and they showcase itself like side software and hide behind the Hard-drive very smoothly.

Before reaching there, these types of Malware slow down the effects of Antivirus and that is why latest Antivirus always keeps an eye on the behavior of the process going on the Internet.

If any of the program, Browser or computer code line disapproved anything then Antivirus will consider this behavior as a trouble and rectify it. That is the reason why Smart Virus not able to get rid of its clutches.

These Smart Viruses normally tries to access the Internet to upload the contents of your Hard-drive. Along with that, it will also try to hand over the control of your PC to the hands of the Hackers, as a result, it clarifies your Antivirus programs.


1) Kaspersky Internet Security 2017

The latest feature of Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 protects your PC or laptop from almost all the viruses. On the other hand, it shows the false WARNINGS, so that both the Time and Trust of users is maintained.


How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC

How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC


It does not affect the performance level of the PC at all and it starts working right before the Internet connection is enabled on your PC.

The programs and programmer took very less time to complete its tasks such as your computer take around 5 sec to lead any program so that the Kaspersky also takes approximately the same time for Installation of the program.

You will see 6 options when you Install Kaspersky for the first time- Scan, Database Update, Safe Money, Privacy Protection, Parental Control and protection for all devices.

Save money Kaspersky has a Hacker proof browser extension which activates on visiting any banking website. During this period you will see the Green color flames which show that it is activated.

Once it Switches on, then it becomes like a protective shield for your browser and nobody would able to steal your account details.

There are two types of privacy protection and these programs are controlled by the Webcam Access that stops your webcams to come under the hands of the Hackers. And the private browsing tool which protects browsers from the website which collects the information about your browser.

When this is enabled then it counts the trials of data captures by default. If you click on the ‘Block Data Collection’ then your work keeps going but not actually visible to you.

If you want, untick the ‘Allow data collection’ on the website of Kaspersky Lab and its Partners.

You can decide your favorite time to become online on the Internet by setting the ‘Parental Control’ to keep children away from the Internet.

It also contains ‘Screen Breaks’ options which lock the computer so that the children would not able to use the Internet.

By using the tool ‘Protection for all devices’ you can gauge the security of all the other PC, Tablets or Phone in which Kaspersky is installed.

You just need to click the ‘connect to my Kaspersky’ by sign-in to your account or sign up for a new account in case you do not have one.

By clicking on ‘more tools’ button, you will find more useful options. The feature of ‘System watches’ gauges all the PC programs and inform you about any abnormal activities and you can keep doing your work without worrying.

If the Kaspersky finds any Malware, it gives WARNING with two options- ‘Disinfect and restart the Computer’ and another one is ‘Try to disinfect without computer restart’.

To remove Malware, choose the first option but before that save all the data.

On the whole, Kaspersky is the best Antivirus which provides all the protection to your windows PC or laptop. However, if you want you can try a little more costly Antivirus -Total Security which contains some additional Tools.


2) Norton Internet Security 2017

Norton also comes under the category of the best Antivirus and it is capable of stopping Malware. However, it is somehow less popular than Kaspersky.


How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC

How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC


Over the past few years, there is new tool has been added to this. Apart from scanning tool, it also contains some password and financial information manager and performance monitoring tool which also checks the effect of leading programs when the computer is in Booting mode.

It has a famous feature in which it slows down the starting time of some other programs to start the PC easily.

To access its settings; double click on ‘Performance’ on the Norton Home Screen> click on start up manager> after this, tick the program which you want to start with delay and Click on apply.

However, Norton also contains system cleaner like c-cleaner but it is better to use original c-cleaner.  It also has a ‘browser toolbar’ but it has been suggested not to enable it during Norton Installation because it may slow down your browser.

Most of the popular browsers already contain the features which identify the Malware. In addition to this Norton Antivirus, you can also have Norton Security and premium which is a bit costly than this.

The above best Antivirus adopts the same protective measures for security but it additionally contains features like phone and Tablet security Apps and Cloud storage, but all these features are not very useful for common users.

Hence, it is better to use the normal Norton Internet Security Antivirus.


3) Trend Micro Internet Security 2017

This is comparatively less popular Antivirus but it provides protection from almost all the virus to your PC and this is the third popular best Antivirus after Kaspersky and Norton.

However, you will find some unique features in this Antivirus software.


How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC

How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC


Some users may not like its Interface because its animated menu is full of troubles which open on the screen with a click and goes here and there around the screen.

But you will find its settings very easy that it compensated all its Interface drawbacks which are also a very important part of the Software.

Trend Micro contains very useful tools like, if you want to check the PC health then click on the device on Home Screen in which it scans all those programs and unnecessary space covering junk files on the hard drive that takes more start up time by slow down the speed of the PC.

As a result, it will provide the actionable suggestions to stop any such issues that will occur in the future.

The ‘Family Button’ on the Home Screen is useful for the small members of the family. With its help, you can decide the time limit for the Internet use and also decide times for the use of some special program like Games etc. You can also check the activities done by your children behind you.


4) G- Data Internet Security 2017

This Antivirus also catches all types of Malware. Some of its tools are very effective and useful. This is a paid version tool and you can download from its website.


5) ESET Internet Security 2017

ESET Internet Security stands equally with Kasperkey which Stops the Malware entering into the windows PC. However, it takes a bit long time in downloading website but its ‘Anti-theft tool’ can track your stolen Laptop and can take the photographs of the thief and send it to you through e-mail. But for this, it is necessary to connect the laptop to the Internet.


6) Bit Defender Internet Security

Bitdefender antivirus also brings the troubles in front along with keeping the speed of your windows PC stable. This software contains many tools which filter out security related loopholes from your windows laptop or PC.


How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC

How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC


‘Autopilot mode’ of this software automatically takes the security related decisions and makes you get rid of the repeated Pop-ups on the Screen of your System.


7) Avast-Best Free Antivirus

In the category of free best Antivirus, Avast is considered as a trustworthy software that moves away almost all types of troubles by identifying it and do not create any Fake Reports.

However, it will slightly slow down the speed of your windows PC with compare to Kaspersky and Norton, but the users who want free best Antivirus will definitely like Avast Antivirus.

Also, with the help of some technical measures, this effect of Avast can be reduced and all its work from opening the programs to web browsing can easily be protected by its effects.

One drawback of Avast is that it regularly asks to buy a paid version and shows the pop-ups related to Upgrades and also asks to buy different Avast products constantly while scanning.


How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC

How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC


Until you will not buy the full version, it keeps showing these types of stuff regularly.

To see its sample: Open the Home Screen of Avast and click on ‘Smart Screen Button’. You will see few white cross disapprovals and one of it is present a step ahead of ‘Performance issue’.

To stop this WARNING: click on cog icon on the screen> click General> Scroll down> click on smart scan drop-down menu> Now slide ‘Scan for performance issue’ and turn it OFF position> Press OK.

Apart from the free pop ups and fewer system effects, this provides better protection for virus and Malware.

You required a license to run free Avast and for that, you have to register to its website. The License period is valid for one year which can be expandable.


8) Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a free Antivirus but not as effective as its name suggests. This is the only Antivirus which can easily run with the other Antivirus successfully and you can take benefits of its actual features such as Scan offline tool which finds out Malware while Windows is not activated.



Measures for Better Protection

If you are only using windows Defender then immediately start using any other program which covers this features because windows defender alone is not enough to protect your windows PC. You can also take the help of Scan Offline tool.

Each Antivirus is affected by different PC versions and configuration and in this case, you must try some better protective measures for your computer system.

Upgrade the Antivirus

It may possible that your PC contains a new version of Antivirus. The Companies launches new Versions of best Antivirus every year which you can upgrade by downloading with your current License.

Don’t depend completely on Windows Defender

If you are not using any of the best Antivirus like Kaspersky, Norton or Trend Micro Internet Security then do not only depend on Windows Defender because it contains lots of security issues.

You can use G-Data Internet security, ESET or Bitdefender with windows defender.

Use Supportive Tools with Antivirus

Sometimes users do not get serious about their PC security. On the other hand, best Antivirus sometimes unable to catch certain issues.

In such case, Install ‘Malware bytes’. Download it from its website for the period of one month and your PC security will double with its effects.

If you want to download free Kaspersky TDSS killer directly from the website then try it for a month and check out the file Reports.

This is all about How to Choose Best Antivirus for Windows PC? [Free or Paid]. I hope that much information is enough for you to choose the “best Antivirus for your windows PC or Laptop”.


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