5 Different levels and Tips to Buy New Self Driving Car

5 Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car

At present, due to the technology updates, when buying a car, the only thing in the mind is that the car you are buying today should not be called a car for a long time, and for that you have to take care of certain points. In this article we will discuss about 5 Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car.


Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car

Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car

We are moving very fast towards the generation of Self Driving (Autonomous) Cars. The new generation self driving cars have the fantastic lucrative features which include Adaptive cruise control, Advance lane switching and collision detection algorithms, Sensors and cameras.

All these new features in the future self driving cars will avails you a completely new experience where you can take advantage of new elements like Pedestrian detection and Automatic Parking.

Hence if you are planning to buy new car with a strong budget then you should definitely think for these new generation self driving cars. The self driving or autonomous cars will be driverless and everyone sitting inside the car will be passengers.

According to a report by Comet Labs, around 263 start-ups constantly working towards this new technology autonomous car and these cars will be expected to ride on roads till 2020.

The new self driving cars includes 0 to 5 category levels and we will discuss about each of this level in details as how this level categorized the advance features and comfort level of these new self driving Cars of the future generation.

Let us discuss 5 Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car


LEVEL 0- Normal Autonomous Features


Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car

Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car


If you are planning to buy a petrol-powered car then consider that you are going to destroy the earth. This also affects your wallet. As the electrical vehicle is coming in the market, the government is increasing the road tax and fuel duty on the polluting Cars and also starts applying ban on them.

The level zero is initial level of autonomous cars which is generally designing for the average consumers. Since it is a level zero car, therefore it consist less features of self driving cars and it require a driver who have to maintain full control of the car.

The special features in level zero autonomous cars is that it provides a framework of reference for algorithms and sensors to take cues from human drivers and totally designed by keeping a fixed objective in mind which is to get the driver emulated by machines.


LEVEL 1- Driver Assisted


Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car

Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car


As we move towards level one of the self driving car, we can expect some advance features of self driving with compare to level zero. Level one of the self driving cars is certified by the SAE and it means we will now access advance features of self driving which are not assisted by humans. These features include:

Automatic Speed limiting in cars in which, a driver can put the vehicle in a speed Limiting Function while driving with the help of onboard car computer. Thus, the car will not go beyond the speed limit fixed by the driver even when accelerated.

I know this is not very advance features especially when we talk about self driving cars and these functions are normally present in some high range cars which give this basic assistance to drivers. But keep remember, we have now just reached to the Level one of the autonomous cars and still the advance features is left to discuss which we will discuss in further levels of autonomous Cars.


LEVEL 2- Partial Automation Features


Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car

Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car


After successful trials in the year 2012, it is expected that the vehicle to vehicle Communications System may require for all new vehicles.

This is not a lot of future thing. After ensuring the possible security measures in the US, it is mandatory for all vehicles to be adapt this features in 2017.

But it does not seem that this work will be done in deadlines. If you buy a car, check whether your car has the best communication system or not.

You will come across some really advance features in Level two of the self driving cars. Some of the advance features of this level car include:

Assistive Cruise Control and Lane Centering; This advance features is also present on most of the high range cars in which driver can take the hands off to the steering wheel and also takes off foot from the foot Pedal.

Therefore, the driver will apply breaks occasionally when the car is running on the highway as it lends in more assistance than the basic speed limit of the car.

The Level two features of self driving cars are present in the cars model like Lexus ES300h and 2017 BMW 5 series.

The features of this car include:

  • Radar Sensors
  • Proximity detectors
  • Multiple Cameras used in parking and obstacle detection


LEVEL 3- Conditional Self Driving Features


Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car

Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car


This is the real technology in which we can purely describe the main features of autonomous or self driving Car. The main features includes in Level three:

  • Complicated sensors and cameras
  • Advance Machine features
  • Neural Network Algorithm
  • Coupled with LIDARs & HD GPS imagery.

All these advance features exactly defines the complete surrounding of the Car’s technology.

The example of Level three car is Google Self driving car. These facilitate great control of the major driving operations. The driver feels actual comfort within these strong mechanism and advance features and the driver only need to be alert at some critical situations in the driving journey otherwise the whole mechanism is designed to provide greater value to the driver.

The technology giants like Google are constantly making all these technology and features combined with deep learning and signal processing algorithms aims to improvise cameras and sensors used in the Level three self driving cars.

The improvisation includes car’s ability to understand the conditioning of the driver so that it can take complete control over it as required.

Most of the designing algorithm towards this advance feature is already implemented but some more work is still required in terms of refinement and quality.

Autonomous car is not too far, but the auto industry is claiming semi autonomous vehicles. If you are going to buy a car, then buy a car that can be semi autonomous or connected to get regular updates.

When the company brings new technology to the market, you can improve the car by software enhancement.


LEVEL 4- Advance Autonomous Features


Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car

Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car


Level four describes the more advance features of autonomous cars. In this level, the car technology would convey complete autonomous driving capabilities. The technology implemented in the Level four autonomous car has more complicated sensors and algorithms and the driver needs to be well prepared for it before getting a driving experience in this level car.

The complicated algorithm implemented in this car allows it to recognize any kind of obstacles and traffic in the road. This will take place as the car uses traffic data from maps to recognize the shortcuts and can easily adapt the normal driving condition of the city whether it is a narrow road of the town or the broad surface of the highways in the Metros.

This level four self driving car can adapt any critical situations when running on road. Thus, the driver does not have to do lot work in handling or maintaining the car speed and he may also take a deep nap without actually driving the car and left behind all the driving responsibility to its excellent advance self driving features.

The Level four self driving car is expected to arrived in India by 2021 after it clears all its testing and production stages.

The technology giants know that the users will expect both the vehicle and the Smartphone to arrive in the forthcoming generation. Hence the Apple and Google like technology giants have started to work in this direction. Apple has prepared a Car play and at the same time the Google has engaged in offering Google Android Auto.

That’s why whenever you are making your mind to buy a new car, see if your model supports the features of Car play and Android Auto.


LEVEL 5- Completely Autonomous


Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car

Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car


This level provides a pure autonomous experience. Here you do not even need a Driver and in fact this Level 5 car do not contains the driver seat and thus all the people sitting inside the car would be considered as passengers. Amazing isn’t it?

The technology used in this autonomous car:

  • Augmented Reality Imagery
  • Radar scanning and predictive Algorithms

However, you can imagine these level five cars only in the future and it would take near about 4-5 years to see them on the road. The Global giants and designers are working hard to implement all its advance driverless technology and features and giving it a shape for a complete driverless and steering less experience.

Wireless charging has become a standard in Smart phones. Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG 5 support this technology. If you are going to buy a new car then choose a car that supports wireless charging. Car companies such as Audi, General Motors and Toyota have started making wireless charging cars.



These are the 5 Different levels and tips to buy new Self Driving Car. I hope you enjoy the Article. Keep in touch with us for more informational articles on technology and solutions.


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