What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack?

What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack?

Cyber crimes are spreading all over the world rapidly and all this is due to the increasing use of technology devices (Computer, Mobile, Tabs ) and the Internet by the users without actual caring of its strong security. In this Article, we will discuss What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack?


What is Phishing?

Once a morning, Neha checked her Email inbox and she finds a message from a very famous Multinational Company with its brand icon, states that:

“Congratulations! Your account is selected in our lucky draw of most successful email survey and you won prize money of $ 2 million. To get your prize, immediately send your complete email address to the given link.

After reading this email, she got excited a lot for a moment and immediately sent all her bank account details to the mentioned link in the email without telling anyone about it.

A few days later, she got a mail from the bank informing about information leakage and with this, she wakes up and put her eyes on mobile message alert showing a big amount of money has been deducted from her account.

At that moment, Neha does not left anything with her, except a big Regret. When she discussed this issue with her friends, she came to realize that she becomes a victim of Cyber crime which is also known as ‘Phishing’ in technical terms.

After this, she immediately made this cyber crime complaint to the nearest police station and changed her email account password and locked the ATM card issued by the bank.

The meaning of Cyber is ‘Computer’ that’s why Cyber crime is also called by the name ‘Computer Crime’


What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack

What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack


What is Phishing Attack?

The illegal activities and online frauds executed with the help of Computer and the Internet through email messages or any other electronic message medium come under the category of Phishing Attack.

The Phishing includes all the cyber crimes from stealing personal data from the users’ computer system to the financial frauds using internet email messages and many other types of cyber crimes are known as Phishing Attack.

The cyber criminals who execute the phishing activities create very attractive schemes. Firstly, they design the malicious websites belongs to any bank or online shopping company which seems completely original by its Interface.


A Malicious website is a fake site which is generally a Bank website or online shopping site designed by cyber criminals or hackers with similar Interface that also contains a Payment Gateway.


When any user enters its credit or debit card details, Internet Banking username, and password, transaction password or OTP for online transaction, then the hacker copied this important information with the help of its Advance Software program and later uses this information to debt desired amount from the user bank account without permission and use it to plan other types of fraud activities by blackmailing users.

Today, we reached the stage in technology Advancement where we can’t make our work flow without internet and computers at all.

That is why, when we use technology, we should keep in mind some very important protection measures to be protected with all the cyber crime activities.

Let us discuss How to protect yourself from phishing attack and cyber crimes:

1) Create Strong Password

This is quite obvious to mention here that you should secure your system or email ID with a strong password when using a computer or the Internet because when your system is secured with a strong password then no one else would able to misuse it for illegal activities.


What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack

What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack


Hence, you must give a strong password to your PC or email ID so that nobody will identify it easily because cyber criminals generally create such type of software and program that identifies small and ordinary password very easily.

Technically, Eight or more words password considered as strong password and in addition to this, it is advisable to create a password with the mixture of creative letters, symbols, and numbers to make it extra effective and secure. Along with it, you can add the lower case and upper case letters with your password.

If you have multiple accounts then you should never use a  common password for all your accounts because in that case, the possibility of cyber crime increases.

Also, you should not use your mobile number, vehicle number, house number, Birthday and all these types of personal identity in your password because it is not generally very tough to identify these types of the password as you may consider all these might be safer things to add.

It is also advisable to change your password after every 3 months and use the Firewall network security system in your system as this will protect your computer connection with all types of Malicious and fake websites. That is why Firewall is considered as the best network security system.

This will also protect your PC against different types of Virus and hence it is very beneficial to install Firewall in your computer system.

You can also protect your PC with Antivirus, Antispyware and install malware software but it is very important to update this software because without updates your system will not remain secure with cyber crimes, phishing Attack and other types of Virus.

If you secure your PC password in the above manner then the possibilities of cyber crimes reduced to great extent.


2) Be aware while using Social Media

You should remain active when using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, blog etc. When uploading anything on social media sites, this will be exposed to the users of all over the world.



What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack

What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack


That’s why you should never post such type of stuff which is very private and information sensitive and you may suffer any kind of trouble when this information leaked outside.

Apart from that, you should also check the social media security settings regularly. One very important measure you should never forget after using any social media platform is- Go to its browsing history after using it and delete all the previous data which to secure your system from additional virus.


3) Protection of Sensitive and Personal Information

In most of the occasions, apart from online shopping, you need to share personal information for the use of Internet Banking. Here you need to pay attention to the privacy of your user address, Email Address, and mobile number, Bank account details etc.


What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack

What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack



Below are some indications of phishing emails:


  • If your email inbox received a message that contains spelling and grammatical errors then you should consider these emails as fake and should not entertain these kinds of fake emails.


  • These types of emails can also be identified with one more fact that these contain mostly mobile number specifications and not any meaningful Content/Name is mentioned in this mails.


  • The emails in which you have been asked to provide personal information about yourself comes under the category of phishing attack.


  • You should not click any of the link provided in these types of phishing emails because all these are Malicious websites, therefore, avoid clicking on any of the download links mentioned in these phishing emails.


You need to pay for Everything

In your emails, the phishing emails are generally like:

“I am Malcolm Smith and I have 10 million dollars. I want to share half of the amount with you to donate to charity’.

For more information, click the below link.

Sometimes, you come across such types of emails from the fake Entrepreneurs requesting for capital investment.

All these types of phishing attack based only on one philosophy that is “Nothing in this world is free” and you need to pay for everything.


4) Check the Bank Mini Statement Details Regularly


What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack

What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack


You should check mini statement of the bank account regularly which reduces the chances of cyber crimes.

By checking Bank Mini Statement regularly, you will immediately get information about any type of fraud activities that took place in your account and it may possible to reduce the scale of loss to some extent.

Nowadays, Most of the banks developed a preventive system for reducing this type of online frauds in which the account holder inquired about their previous purchases which seem abnormal.

For example, if a person is living in any state of Europe and the majority of its purchases taken place only from India then you need to be aware of such cases as it directly means that your account is hacked by the scammer and is misused by it.


5) What to do when you become a victim of “Phishing Attack”?

If you find yourself a victim of any type of phishing attack even when you are clear about all the security measures discussed above then don’t get panic and no need to tell about the issue to anybody in the emergency.


What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack

What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack


First of all, you should report about this cyber crime to the nearest police station. Along with it, install a secure Antivirus protection with the help of any computer expert or technicians hence you do not have to face these types of challenges in the future.

Lock your credit and debit card, user name, email ID accounts and change the password immediately.

Secure all your confidential data and do not share it with anybody because the cyber crimes born only due to the exposure of all these important confidential information.



We have discussed What is Phishing & How to protect yourself from Phishing Attack? I hope you will clear now about these kinds of cyber crimes in the form of phishing emails and also you have learned to protect yourself from these Phishing attacks.


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