How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS?

How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS?

Since the last few years, the trend of you-tube private channels is growing with a good pace whether it is live streaming or recording.In this article, we will discuss How to stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS?

How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS

How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS


The people who created their own youtube channel which contains thousands of subscribers and all these subscribers are attracted through streamers recording footage. Now, with the help of You-tube live streaming, it is possible to show yourself in front of the live audience.

Here, we will discuss some free and open source live streaming options on You-tube along with a famous Broadcast Service called Open Broadcast Service (OBS studio)


Let us talk about how to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS

For live streaming gameplay on you-tube, you require a good Gaming PC, a high-Speed Internet connection with high bandwidth for better streaming.

You can also perform live steaming with 1080p and 60fps but in this case, you have to compromise with the quality of the stream.

Apart from that, you need a better set-up through which you can play the game on one display and at the same time able to watch live game streaming on the other display and take full control over it.


1) Download OBS studio

How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS

How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS


Open Broadcast service (OBS) contains 2 versions for downloading:

  • OBS classic
  • OBS studio

OBS classic is an original software whereas, the OBS studio has been launched earlier.

The advantage of using OBS studio for live streaming on youtube is that the whole software is rewritten and consists of improved setting menus and pre-installed plug-ins.

For new users, it is difficult to use OBS classic as it needs hard coding with live streaming. Hence it is more easy and beneficial to continue with OBS studio.


2) Scenes and Services Settings

When you start working on OBS, you will find four parts between empty windows, in which you can select a lot of useful features under setting menus in general tabs.


How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS

How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS

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Also, you will have the choice to select one of the options between Light themes and Dark themes. You will not find all these features in Classic Version.


‘Scene’ is generally a collection of elements taken from various sources which create an end screen at the end and it will be streamed by your audience.


There are the number of scenes that can be added to a particular stream and you can switch between them using Hot Keys between the scenes.

There are elements of sources where your content is to be placed such as Desktop Screen, Webcam, Mic Audio, Desktop audio, Browser window etc.

To make live streaming better, you have to use Animated Intro, Borders and Overlays for your sources. However, it is not necessary that your users may like these customization based on your channel theme.

Whenever you want to start live streaming, the Animated Intro can work as buffer lot of times. Instead of showing your desktop, you can show Animated flash in the loop.

Hence, after creating the first scene, name it as ‘Intro’ or some other. Animated Intro or some other type of video Animate can be added in the form of media sources.

If you want to add some other ready-made images in place of looping video, then you can add it from Image or Image Slide and save on bandwidth. In the same way, you can add text from the text sources.

For adding Game-play in the form of scenes, create a new scene and give it a name ‘Game’. It is better to provide Hot Keys, in the beginning, to be saved from any kind of trouble after adding the number of scenes and sources.


How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS

How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS


For showing Game-play you will find 3 options:

  • Display Capture
  • Game Capture
  • Window Capture

Out of these, Game Capture is generally chosen, but there is an empty screen located most often and streaming doesn’t take place properly. Another option is Display Capture but the issue with it is your whole desktop will be visible to the audience.

But when you are using your desktop then you can stop this by switching to your screen (created optionally) or Intro. Also, you can switch to desktop capture after opening your game by using Hot-keys.

If you want, you can add your webcam feed through video capture device in the form of source and after that, you can move, crop and resize the webcam feed anywhere on the screen.

You can try different options by adding various sources on the single screen. When you get satisfied with the scene then you can switch between the scenes by moving to Hot Keys under settings without opening OBS.

Don’t use the Hot Keys given already in the desktop or Game and you will be saved from unnecessary troubles in the mid of the live games streaming.


3) Add Stream Settings

In youtube live streaming, you have to select youtube/youtube gaming and go to default primary you-tube injust server.

How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS

How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS



Your stream key is special for your channel and it has to enter for connecting your live streaming feed to your You-tube account.

How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS

How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS


Go to channel setting or Youtube Creator Studio> Live Streaming> Enable Live Streaming privileges> It is very easy to set up and once enter, scroll down dashboard> Here, you will find your stream key> Click on Reveal> Copy & Paste on OBS> Click on Apply> Make sure your stream key is confidential otherwise anyone can access stream content of your channel.


4) Use with Encoding

Until any other person has not posted the type of configuration like in your settings, then it will take a considerable amount of time to set correct encoding. This is because your encoding depends very much on the Game you are playing whether it is FPS or MMO or RTS because each zone has different speed and the encoding is capable to give outcomes according to it.

The other reason may be is that how much your hardware is capable, especially CPU and GPU.

In Streaming estimator, OBS configuration tab will show correct numbers on important settings for your OBS. Hence go to OBS>setting>output menu> select simple mode (because you can’t change anything in advanced mode)

You have to keep your video Bit-rate in the same Kbps as your stream You-tube or other streaming that can be reached by its services.

Your video bitrate should be 80-85% of your upload bandwidth which can get with the help of speed fast.


5) Audio Video setting

In this, everything is already by default set. You have to choose sample rate and enable desktop audio and Mic sources again.

For desktop audio device and Mic/Auxiliary device, click on the drop-down menu and to get better control over system select device instead of the default setting.


How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS

How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS


Video setting mandatorily asks for setting resolution and fps which you experts in your stream as an output. This depends on your Internet bandwidth and PC on 60 fps (1920×1080 or 1280×920). If you want power and capacity then choose ‘downscale filter’ in the form of Lanczos.


6) Preview Run and Live

It is necessary to check scenes transition is working properly or not before getting live with the audiences. Right, click on every scene> Go to the full-screen projector which will show you preview that how it will show on stream. You can do it for every scene.

The better way is to check all the Hot Keys are working properly for recording every session. After fixing every scene and sources, the press starts recording button and it will save a local copy of the full session.


How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS

How to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS


You can watch the drawbacks of recorded video and then go for ‘Run’ it online. Keep in mind, on your You-channel, the first dry run will send a notification to your subscribers informing that you are now live.

Hence, it will be better to use any secondary undisclosed channel for the experiment.

After entering all the setting explained in You-tube, click on start streaming on OBS then the upper bar of You-tube live dashboard becomes Green, Yellow or Red.

These different colors show the quality of streaming like Green color shows Good quality streaming and Red shows bad quality streaming.

You will see a preview in the window, where you can watch the OBS scenes. Those who want to stream games they can do it.

If you are using Game Capture then stream that special stream and switch. You can ask any of your friends to watch full-screen Game streaming.

You can switch between different scenes and test all the Hot Keys and also see if any free or frame drops in streams and if it is so, then go back to encoder setting and Tweak.



This is all about how to Stream Live Games on You-tube with OBS. If you have good Internet Bandwidth then you can see the streaming along with watching the video and if you have another monitor then the You-tube live is on Dashboard.

In this, you can able to see your chat messages and can reply to it and also can gauge the capacity of the stream. You can check audio level for every audio input source.

In this way, you can setup your ‘live streaming on You-tube with OBS’ and shows your skills to the world.


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