How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates

How to Upgrade Windows 10 and Get New Updates 2017?

While announcing Microsoft’s launch of Windows 10, Microsoft had made it clear that Windows users could upgrade this for Free up to July 29 2016, but many users missed this opportunity. But don’t worry! It is possible to upgrade it free for the windows 7 and windows 8.1 users. The only requirement is that your windows versions should be original and no any file should be opened while upgrade process is going on.In this article we will talk about How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates


How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates

How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates


Let us discuss How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates for Free,  Follow Below Steps

  • Open the windows 10 download page.
  • Click on download tool.
  • When downloading is completed, double click on download file.
  • Click on the Accept on the ‘Terms & Condition’ Prompt Screen.
  • For upgrading your PC, click on ‘Upgrade this PC now’.
  • Now wait till windows 10 is downloaded ( Approx 10 min)
  • The tool will automatically verify the download when the process is completed. It will remain on 0% for a while but it will suddenly increase upto 90% and more. Till then keep patience!
  • Now tool will automatically starts to create Windows 10 Media which will be completed within few seconds.
  • Now you will be asked to accept the License Agreement for which you have to click on it.
  • Now this tool will download the updates and the process of windows 10 upgrade will start.
  • Now this tool will tell ‘it is easy to install windows 10’ and it will take around an hour to upgrade on PC.
  • The PC will restart in few minutes after upgrade process will be completed and then it will start booting from windows 10.

(Note: You may come across small obstacles after upgrade process completed in windows 10 such as instead of showing ‘display resolution 4:3’ it would show 16:9 but don’t get panic. Just restart the PC again.)


Now you know how to upgrade windows 10, now let’s know what special updates you will get after upgrading windows 10.


How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates

How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates


Special Updates in Windows 10

For Windows 10 users, Microsoft announced the release of some specific updates last year, which will affect the functionality and usage of Windows 10. You can also know about such updates and their utility. This will be released by the titles of Creators Updates.



The popular paint feature for painting has been introduced in the design of the new 3D app, which is useful in making 3D models. If you have enough art, skills, patience and time, you can start making 3D sketches right from the scratch or take photos in the phone and import them into paint 3D.


How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates

How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates


The users of Windows Insider Program already tried the Paint 3D preview. You can sign up on insider program> Search the paint 3D in the Windows 10 store, then paint 3D will replace the traditional paint, but you can restore the Paint 3D after uninstalling, it if you wish.


Windows Insider Program Registration

To register this program: Go to Start> setting> update & security> windows insider program> click on ‘Get started’. You can also follow the instruction on Microsoft and for that you need the Microsoft account and you will get initial insider update on your PC within 24 hours.


How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates

How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates


To get new features this is a good option. You will get more Microsoft updates from insider but be alert because most of them are found without proper scrutiny and  are unstable and can crash you PC. If you also thinks the same then you may have an advance version of Insider program.

For changing it, go to Settings> Select ‘Slow’ from the ‘choose your insider level’ dropdown menu for getting some normal updates.

This means that you will only get insider features which will be used for a long time and will be more reliable.


Pick where you left off

This useful feature should have been introduced way earlier because it has been consider that the device used for long time has been monitored by your PC, phone Tablets and all other devices.

If you start using some other device then you have been shown, ‘the work to be remain continue’ option of the previous device in the screen of your new device. It means you can start your work continue from the point where you left the work in the previous device and this is the speciality of this feature which carries the same Name.


How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates

How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates


Suppose you were writing a letter in your Laptop word document file then the same letter will be shown on the PC also and you will also find the cursor at the same position where you left. The same thing will be legal for other Software, Browsers and Games.

This feature is very useful but it depends on how much you are addicted to your PC, Laptop, Tablet and phone because this process will lot more depend on the Cortana that is why if you disable your Microsoft Digital Assistant then you have to re-enable it to use this feature.


My People

It there is too much traffic on the taskbar then try this feature because here, you have to create space for your friend thumbnail. This feature will make the contact used to be immediately expressiable from which you can send them texts with the help of few clicks, Call from Skype, send Email, or create co-ordination on office documents.


How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates

How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates


The most useful feature of this tool is drag and drop contact thumbnails of photos or videos so that they can be shared with the contacts. You can select such logo by right click on the My People icon on the taskbar and also you can customize the contacts together or disable it from My People. It will be easy to share photos with the friends.


Mail App

Microsoft will add new features to this app and give new options in relation to emails, and now you will be able to forward it without opening any email. This feature will prove to be a better option for eM Client and Windows Live Mail.


Action Center

Every user can easily access the volume, brightness, and other settings on their tablet, phone, etc. The new Action Center for Windows 10 has a slider for volume and brightness control.


How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates

How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates


The Quick Action icon has given true icon, on the other hand, there is a new feature to show Maps and other information in your future calendar appointments. You can fix the volume of the PC by clicking on the speaker icon on the taskbar and you can correct the screen brightness by clicking on start>setting>display.


Edge Tabs


How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates

How to Upgrade Windows 10 & Get New Updates


This small change will be very important because it helps Edge handle the tabs. Just like you can put any opened tabs aside and set them using the ‘Tabs I’ve set aside’ option. With this help you will be able to scroll back and restore the web pages viewed in the previous weeks. However, it will continue to add web pages to Favourite tabs, but you can add options as well.


Music Maker

For years, this video editing tool will now look for a change. It is estimated that this new app and artistic theme of updates will make this app useful.


Screen Temperature Changer

Apple has recently released a Night Shift for iOS which will slow down the brightness of the screen so you can easily sleep. Windows can also issue such tools.


MS Office Hub

It will keep your office programs and new documents in front and center or in the action center in the Start menu, this will allow you to access Word, Excel, and even your email and calendars.



These are all about How to Upgrade Windows 10 and Get New Updates 2017. I hope you can now easily install and upgrade windows 10 in your PC or laptops and get these exclusively new updates.

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